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Gallery Hanging System

This hanging system is suitable for use in galleries as well as offices and has been increasingly popular in homes- particularly in places where it is difficult to attach anything to the wall or where pictures may have to be moved relatively frequently.

The basis of the system is lengths of Perlon flexible suspenders. Perlon is very strong, translucent and inconspicuous. Perlon comes in 2 metre lengths (We supply other lengths - please enquire). At one end there is a ready formed loop for wooden rails or a special fitting to attach to the new click easy to install gallery rail which comes in 3 metre lengths white and silver.

The system is completed by hooks which fit onto the Perlon or steel cable. There are a wide range of hooks to choose from for light to very heavy pictures . It is easy to use as it slides up and down with finger pressure and locks. The Perlon has a breaking stain of about 100 kg. Now available is stainless steel cable to match the gallery rail and a very clever fitting to hang picture on partitioning that is used in most offices today.


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