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Framing Hardware Continued

  • Spring Clips Italian, Swiss Style Clips and French Style Clips

  • Retaining Clips

  • Picture frame cord

  • Disc Plate Hangers and Gummed Cloth Hangers

  • Plate Hooks, Plate Stand, Plate Wires and Curl Up ní Stand

  • Dry Cleaning Pads

  • Bendy Tabs

  • Bumpers and Hard Wall Hooks

  • Frame and Picture Cleaner

  • Gallery hooks, Rails, Cables and Moulding Hooks

  • Brass Knobs and Brass Hinges and Butterfly Hinges

  • Box Clasps, Side Hooks left and Right

  • Brad nails and Flexi / Hard points (Duetto,F12,F15,F18,Logan, T220 and Cassese)

  • Cardboard Corners and Cutting Mats

  • 3L Archival Mounting Corners

  • Workshop Aprons and Natural Sponge

  • V-Nails, Flexi and Hard Points

  • Glass Wheels for Logan Glass Cutter

  • Lint free cloths

  • Solid Brass Corners

  • Frame corner fillers (Amaco, Leberon and Bear And Bug)

  • Chartpak FeltTip Touch Up Pens

  • Mouldings, Mount Boards, Backing Boards and Fome Cor


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